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フランス語教室 GARNIEROcéane / ガルニエ―オセア―ヌ 先生 の紹介

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講師番号 / お名前 NO. 3216 . GARNIEROcéane 先生
更新日時 2017/04/19
年 齢 34 歳
居住地 神奈川県藤沢市
性 別
国籍/出身地 France-フランス / フランス
フランス語 講師歴 8年 6ヶ月



Bonjour !

Beaucoup de gens croient pouvoir enseigner le français car ils sont Français. Ce n'est pas si simple : enseigner est un métier.
C'est ma profession. J'enseigne depuis plus de 9 ans, en France et à l'étranger. Je connais très bien les manuels de FLE, les sites internet, les jeux et autres activités que l'ont peut utiliser pour apprendre le français. J'adorerais mettre à profit toutes mes connaissances de l'enseignement du FLE pour vous aider à commencer l'apprentissage du français ou à vous améliorer.
J'aimerais aussi partager avec vous ma langue et ma culture, mais également en apprendre plus sur le japonais, la culture japonaise, la façon de penser, de vivre, etc.… à travers nos conversations et nos échanges d'idées.
Alors, pourquoi pas ne pas essayer de le faire ensemble ?

Hello !
Many people think they can teach French because they are French. It's not that simple : teaching is a job.
It's my job. I've been teaching French for more than 9 years, in France and in foreign countries. I know very well French textbooks, useful websites, te games, activities you can use to learn French. I would love using all my teaching knowledge to help you start to learn and / or improve in French. Teaching is also about sharing and while I will help you in French language, I will be glad to know more about Japanese language, culture, way of thinking, etc.… through our conversations and our exchange of ideas.
Let's experience this together !

Focusing on my student's needs is one of my first priorities along with working in a relaxing and friendly, though serious, atmosphere in order to obtain the best results possible by using different methods and study aids such as genuine materials and using multimedia providing many pedagogical options.
As a teacher, I will do my best to help students to master French, but will also act as a bridge between two langages and cultures. Through the study of French language, students will be able to learn and understand more the French culture as well, and through our conversations, it will also provide them a way to think about Japanese language and culture.
I elaborate my own curriculum for each classes; I find and prepare my own teaching material. But I know most of the French as a foreign langage textbooks (Compréhension orale et Expression orale - levels 1, 2 et 3 ; Compréhension progressive du français ; Exercices d'oral en contexte ; textbooks to prepare the DELF - Diploma in French Language Studies ; the French business textbooks (Objectif Express ; Français.com ; Pour parler affaires), the general textbooks (Initial, Alter Ego, Ligne directe, Le nouveau Taxi). I also know websites which can be used to watch French videos or to practice French after class. With intermediate and advanced levels, I use more French newspaper and society topics.


I've been teaching for more than 8 years, in France and in foreign countries (mostly in China). I worked in different teaching contexts (universities, high schools, junior high schools and elementary schools). So, I've had the chance to have a wide range of teaching experiences. It helped me to improve my teaching skills and to adapt my teaching strategies to student needs.
I also taught different topics : general French, speaking and listening, reading, writing, French business and tourism. I also often organized cultural activities (karaoke, dance, theater) to make students know more about other aspects of French culture.

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☞ 実際にレッスンを受けた生徒さんの感想を見る

現在の職業 フランス語の先生
日本滞在歴 2016/08
教える言語 English-英語  French-フランス語 
趣 味
Reading (in French and in English), writing, cooking, cinema (French movies, American dramas), snorkeling, hiking
日本語レベル Intermediate (中級)
フランス語を教える対象 Females  Children 
教える内容 Conversation (会話)  Situation(状況・場面)  Business (ビジネス)  Others(その他) 
フランス語を教えるレベル Basic (基礎)  Beginner (初心者)  Intermediate (中級)  Advanced (上級) 


MASTER OF ARTS in Paris 4 - Sorbonne university

Professional Master of Arts in Applied French Language (i.e French as a foreign language), literature, philology and linguistics, with specialization in French for specific purposes (French business and tourism).





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小田急江ノ島線大和 湘南台 六会日大前 善行 藤沢本町 藤沢 本鵠沼 鵠沼海岸 片瀬江ノ島


江ノ島電鉄線藤沢 鵠沼 鎌倉


 ※善行 駅のカフェでフランス語教室

  • フランス語教室【F10】では、日本人の生徒にレッスンを通じて、フランス人の先生とコミュニケーションをとり、フランスの文化や習慣を知ってもらい フランスをもっと好きになってもらうため。
     そして、先生が帰国したら、今度は、先生としてではなく、お互い友達 として一緒に過ごせたら、年を取ってからもずっと関係が続いたら、素敵だと思いませんか。
  • 善行 近くのカフェでのフランス語マンツーマンになります。教室のように堅苦しい雰囲気がなく、実践と同じ環境で、楽しいと高評価のレッスン。
  • 教材は生徒さんが希望するものか、ピッタリ合った教材を、先生と一緒にお選びいただけます。スクールで教材を販売することはありません。
  • レッスン料は、60分3000円。レッスンの長さは60分、90分。あなたにピッタリな長さで自由に決められます。
  • 先生と相性が合わないと感じたら、ピッタリの先生が見つかるまで、何度でも、無料体験レッスンでご紹介いたします。

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